Brecon & Radnor ARS


So after the years it seems we finally have an “emergency” worthy of dusting off our radios , unfortunately its not the nice simply type we were all expecting, unlike a flood of winds or fire this emergency wont be fixed with a big short effort but rather by a long draining slog. The Government guidance is changing day by day but its clear looking to Italy and other countries a few weeks ahead of us that this is going to be the biggest health crisis since the Spanish flu.

I would ask that you all charge up and set up your VHF stations , it might be an idea to arrange a daily support net should any of us or anyone we know fall ill and need help with essentials. Current advice is anyone over 70 or with existing health conditions should isolate immediately and any household with a person suffering from symptoms should also isolate for 14 days (the whole household).

Please monitor 145.500 where possible and 145.600 at 20:00.

There is no hope of getting GB3BB up before things kick off. We will have to rely on simplex.